Strict Laws or Better Implementation

India has a Powerful judiciary with wellversed people in it which is improving day by day. We can say this by witnessing the recent judgments passed in last few months or few steps taken by Courts. We can say that Judiciary is playing its part in INDIA very well. But then despite having so many laws, amendments, bills etc there are still so many crimes happening in India. Justice GOPAL KRISHNA VYAS of Rajasthan High Court stated that “The country has adequate laws but the main issue arises in its implementation. Its not implemented in letter and spirit and many people seek legal recourse.

Rationality of Better Implementation and Amendment of Existing Laws Over Strict Laws

A crimeless state is a delusion. So, the question that arises is, society has crime but what should be done to reduce it whether to make better laws or have a stricter implementation of the existing laws? Stricter laws mean the people will fear the repercussions and will find loopholes to bypass these stricter laws and there will be evolution of undesired fascism and anarchy. What needs to be shaped is the perception and judgement of the citizens. A competent and stable government and an educated and dedicated workforce is needed for betterment of the nation to implement the already existing laws. To ensure that a person doesn’t go out of line making the line shorter isn’t the solution. Educating the person why stepping out of line is wrong is the correct approach. Ensuring that the person has no need to cross the line is good governance. If amendments are made for making the law evolve with the current dynamic nature, then the amendments ensuring better implementation is ensuring the machinery works in the correct fashion. For better implementation a prerequisite is efficient regulation. What makes a country progress is empowered citizens not citizens who are crippled by strict laws and authoritarian governments. Government must acknowledge India’s weak performance in enforcing the rule of law and take immediate action to close the widening gulf between principle and practice that is by better implementation of the existing laws with the needed amendments in the laws with the time.
KEYWORDS: Amendments, Implementation, Stricter Laws, Government, Education, Dynamic, Justice, Authoritarian, Citizens.