Marital Rape

  • S. Sai Srilekha
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  • S. Sai Srilekha

    Student at KL University, India

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In this seminar paper we can see topics that revolve around gender justice and equality. When we talk about equality in genders most people stop at women empowerment, protection for women etc., In this paper we can see about marital rape and sanctity of marriage. To start with the meaning of marital rape ‘non-consenusal and forceful sex between married couples is termed as marital rape.' Since ages marital rape is neither being criminalized nor being added under sexual assault under section 375 of IPC. People often stay in an illusion that forceful and non-consensual sex in a marriage is fine because they feel that the practice of marriage has given them the right. But when one spouse forces the other for sex or does the act comes under marital rape which unlawful and is considered to be a criminal offence in some places. To know more about it we should dig into its history, causes, legal perspectives and we could also see ways of seeking help.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 6, Page 1390 - 1397


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