Digital Dynamo: Revolutionising Marketing Strategies for the New Generation

  • Jasmeet Kaur and Roohi Naaz
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  • Jasmeet Kaur

    Student at Graphic Era Deemed to Be University, India

  • Roohi Naaz

    Assistant Professor at Graphic Era Deemed to Be University, India

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The advent of the "Digital Dynamo" has transformed techniques meant to engage the younger consumer base in the ever-changing field of marketing. This study explores how digital technologies are transforming marketing strategies, especially when it comes to appealing to the tastes and habits of Millennials and Generation Z. We examine cutting-edge strategies that have upended conventional marketing paradigms under the prism of the Digital Dynamo framework, providing insights into how companies can successfully negotiate the digital landscape to build deep relationships with the younger demographic. We investigate the efficacy of digital marketing tactics in attracting and retaining younger audiences through case studies and real-world examples. Even with all the advantages that the Digital Dynamo offers, problems and moral dilemmas still exist. indicating the necessity of constant marketing practice modification and improvement. This paper looks ahead, highlighting new trends and providing advice for marketers who want to fully utilize digital dynamism to engage the next generation of customers. Notwithstanding the potential of digital innovation, there are numerous obstacles and moral dilemmas to face. Marketers and companies must exercise caution when navigating the many ethical problems presented by the digital landscape, which range from worries about data privacy and algorithmic bias to the spread of fake news and digital addiction. We forecast new trends and the direction of digital marketing tactics for the upcoming generation by looking ahead. For organizations ready to embrace digital dynamism, the opportunities are endless, ranging from the emergence of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to the growth of influencer marketing and user-generated content. This study concludes by highlighting how important it is for marketers to innovate and adapt to the changing digital landscape. In an increasingly digital environment, brands may create lasting success by connecting with the younger generation through meaningful relationships and by adhering to the principles of the Digital Dynamo framework while keeping ethical considerations in mind.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 3, Page 2472 - 2486


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