Balancing the Right to Life and Right to Education during Covid-19 Pandemic in India

  • Syed Wajid Ul Zafar and Dr. Aneeda Jan
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  • Syed Wajid Ul Zafar

    Phd Scholar at School of Law University of Kashmir, India

  • Dr. Aneeda Jan

    Assistant Professor at DDE, University of Kashmir, India

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This research paper delves into the critical issue of balancing the fundamental human rights to life and education within the context of pandemics in India. Through a doctrinal analysis of relevant legal frameworks and policies, this paper aims to elucidate the challenges and opportunities in upholding both rights during health crises. The research objectives encompass examining the impact of pandemics on the right to life and education in India, evaluating existing strategies and policies in managing this balance, and proposing doctrinally sound recommendations for effective policymaking. The research questions focus on understanding the legal and policy landscape governing the right to life and education in India during pandemics, identifying jurisprudential principles guiding decision-making in balancing these rights, and exploring doctrinal methodologies for addressing the inherent tensions.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 3, Page 2594 - 2604


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