‘UYGHUR MUSLIMS’: Their Situation in the Republic of China

  • Somasree Bakshi
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  • Somasree Bakshi

    Student at Bikash Bharati Law College, India

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The situation of the Uyghurs its been an International condemnation. The persecution of Uyghurs in China became the most telling example of a despicable endeavor forced on religious and minor ethnic group. The relentless persecution has resulted homelessness of the minority from their native places. Lives of the Uyghurs is been constricted by the Communist Party Officials in various process, every online activity of the Uyghurs is tracked, they live in a police state were they’re monitored by one of the most advance and intrusive surveillance systems in the world. Historically Uyghurs are the indigenous ethnic group in China. Which were strengthen because of the Cultural Revolution & Prosperous Economic Activity in the last 20th Century. But due to the demographic changes a opposition born between Chinese Han & Uyghurs. It turned into a censorious situation in 2009, where almost 200 Han were died confirmed by the Party Officials. The violation is more strengthen after that incident in between 2009-2014. When the Chinese Government took charge of the autonomous province of Xinjiang, they implement various principle to eliminate Uyghur culture and their identity. China has become vicious towards its own people, the minors were prosecuted in the rehabilitation camp, jailed, forced to renounce their religion, separate from their families and punished horribly. Though the Chinese government always denied this and called those rehabilitation camp as ‘re-education center’. The Communist Party Officials states East Turkistan Islamic Movement responsible for the persecution of the minors. The ground reports done by various media group such as the Guardian, Washington Post, BBC News etc. confirms the existence of detention camps in the region. The reporters were repeatedly announced about the Human Rights violation of the minor ethnic group in the province of Xinjiang for last 4-5 years. The ethnic minor group is seeking international supervision towards such genocide.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 5, Page 168 - 171

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLMH.111894

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