Unravelling Criminal Psychopathy in India: A Study of Punishments, Treatment Approaches, and Rehabilitation Strategies

  • Dharmashri Pratapaneni
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  • Dharmashri Pratapaneni

    Student at Christ (Deemed to Be) University, Bangalore, India

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Crime, particularly murder, remains a pervasive and profound issue in society, challenging the sanctity of human life and the principles of moral and ethical traditions. The concept of psychopathy, often associated with a "suffering soul," presents a complex psychological construct that demands attention and intervention. Psychopathy is a mental disorder that transcends its prevalence in society, and this study aims to draw attention to it by exploring the multitude of factors that contribute to criminal behaviour. Criminal psychopathy is a complex psychological concept that has attracted significant attention in the fields of criminology and forensic psychology. The study of criminal psychopathy has revealed its prevalence, leading to numerous cases going undetected due to the associated stigma. This not only negatively impacts the affected individuals but also has broader societal implications. While the concept of mental disorders or illnesses has historically been considered a sensitive or foreign topic with limited relevance in Indian society, there remains a shortage of research exploring this phenomenon in the Indian context. Criminal psychopathy, characterized by a persistent pattern of antisocial behaviour, callousness, and a lack of empathy, poses a significant challenge for criminal justice systems worldwide, including India. Criminal psychopathy, characterized by enduring antisocial behaviour, emotional detachment, and a lack of empathy, presents a substantial challenge to criminal justice systems worldwide. Yet, it remains a topic of relatively scarce research within the Indian context. This study embarks on an exploration of the intricate landscape of criminal psychopathy within the context of India, delving into the realms of punishments, treatment approaches, and rehabilitation strategies. In this paper, we examine the existing literature on the investigation of psychopathy in India and provide a concise overview of the current state of knowledge in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and the criminal justice system.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 2, Page 3036 - 3050

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLMH.117350

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