Traveling Without Worries with Travel Insurance

  • Madhur Samriti Sharma
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  • Madhur Samriti Sharma

    Student at Osmania University (LLM Corporate Law) and NALSAR University of Law (M.A Aviation Law & Air Transport Management), Hyderabad, India

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It’s the 21st century. People are getting smarter, more intelligent, and extra-ordinary. With the intellectual ability we possess, it is noteworthy to see the pace the world is rushing toward more advanced science and technological developments. But today we are not discussing fast-paced scientific advancements, we are discussing traveling! So, as we are getting aware of our surroundings, city, and country(s), we are getting more curious about moving to different places and explore. Exploration and traveling have become well-developed job where people are earning millions of dollars. It is noteworthy that due to media and internet sources people have become rational about traveling. Also. when we love something to the core, we don’t ever let anything or anyone demolish it easily. But then again sometimes due to some irrational decision or lack of awareness, people lose their belongings and don’t even think about getting it back because they are unaware of their rights and duties. Imagine you went to Paris and you lost everything, including your passport! That’s where ‘Travel Insurance’ helps. Travel insurance not only helps cover expenses but also provides coverage for emergency services like replacing lost passports, etc. Travel insurance covers most of the major situations where one can feel helpless, especially if traveling alone for the first time. It not only covers lost passports but also lost baggage, valuables, and even medical facilities. There is a number of advantages in opting for the right insurance for your own benefit so that when you travel to your dream destination, mere difficult situations like this don’t bother you.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 6, Page 234 - 240


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