The Gradual Replacement of French by English in Morocco

  • Dr. Ennagad Safaa
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  • Dr. Ennagad Safaa

    Docteur at Faculty of Economic and Social Legal Sciences, Agadir Ibn Zohr University Laboratory for Studies and Research in Economics and Management, Morocco

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In Morocco, French has long been considered the foreign language reference, used in diplomacy, business, education and culture. However, in recent decades, English has begun to take on greater importance, particularly in the higher education and research sectors. This article examines the factors that have contributed to the rise of English in Morocco, including globalisation and the dominant position of English in business and technology. We also examine the implications of this change for French and for Moroccan society as a whole. We note that the gradual replacement of French by English reflects global trends in foreign languages, where English is increasingly seen as the language of international communication. However, we also highlight the potential consequences of this development for French, which risks losing its position as the language of reference in Morocco and seeing its use diminish in areas where it has traditionally been privileged. We conclude by stressing the importance of a clear and balanced language policy in Morocco, which takes into account the economic and cultural needs of the country while preserving the richness and diversity of Moroccan society.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 290 - 296


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