The Effectiveness of Anti-cyberbullying Laws in Protecting its Subject’s Mental Health

  • Karen Sabai Wangwe
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  • Karen Sabai Wangwe

    Student at Lovely Professional University, India

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The only constant aspect in this 21st century is change and today’s world has proved to be positive due to its speed of evolving & development compared to the past decade. One of those ever evolving aspects is technology, as we evolve into a digital world, education, Jobs & entertainment takes place online on electronic platforms including crimes. The most common cyber-crime affecting mental health is cyber-bullying on social media platforms. The law is a two edged sword that protects and punishes vested with the power to protect its subjects wellbeing, however anti-cyber bullying laws haven’t been clearly defined in the Indian penal code rather the IT Act has merely defined & enumerated offences of cyber-crimes including cyber bullying. Therefore, one question still stands, has the law fully covered and done its due diligence towards the protection of its subject’s mental health against the atrocities of cyber-bullying? Can the law use its sword to protect its subject’s mental health against cyber-bullying? These questions are answered in this research as a deep study is taken to determine ways in which the law has & can fully protect its subject’s mental health against cyber-bullying.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 273 - 295


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