The Adverse Impact of Domestic Violence on Mental Health

  • Ritwik Prakash
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  • Ritwik Prakash

    Student at Amity Law School Noida, India

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Domestic violence has been reported in practically every group and civilization throughout recorded history. Every patriarchal society accepts discrimination and injustice that leads to physical, mental, or emotional violence. Domestic violence has been socially and legally tolerated for a long time unless there is a recent reference. Some significant events, laws, and ordinances give historical background within which domestic violence is clearly defined. Male dominance and portraying women as “property” or “objects” belonging to males, as well as expectations from women as an ideal “role model,” combine to make women vulnerable to discrimination, oppression, and other forms of victimhood, and so impose their subordination. Psychological wellbeing is a phrase that can refer to a state of intellectual or emotional affluence, as well as the absence of a psychological problem. An automatic mental or standard of conduct that occurs in an individual and is regarded to produce trouble or inability that isn’t typical as a component of ordinary turn of events or culture is known as a psychological issue or dysfunctional behaviour. The patterns of psychiatric disorder and psychological discomfort seen in women differ from those seen in men, according to an analysis of mental health indices and statistics. Women are 2-3 times more likely than men to experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, and nonspecific psychological distress. The impact of domestic abuse on mental health is critically examined in this research.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 1, Page 1484 - 1491


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