Secularism and Uniform Civil code

  • Divya.S
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  • Divya.S

    Ph.D. Scholar at Tamil Nadu Ambedkar Law University, India.

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India a diversified country with unique geography, culture, religion, linguistic, race etc. The Political document of independent India lays emphasize on secularism. Religion is the essential part of Indian culture which is intertwined in every aspect of our society. Secularism is the principle of separation of state from religious institution which is enshrined in the preamble of constitution. On the other Uniform Civil code which is one of the directive principles of state policy connotes the idea of uniform civil rules regardless of religion, race, caste, sex. Custom one of the important sources of personal laws of each religion, governing human conduct and civic life such as marriage, succession, adoption, divorce. The arguments which are favoured towards implementing UCC is it promote national integrity and gender equality. India going to step into 75th year of Independence but still facing communal violence based on contradiction in religious ideologies, religious persecution, religious discrimination. It is also important to analyse the feasibility of implementing Uniform civil code and what is the need and importance of such code in India. Therefore, this paper tries to analyse whether uniform civil code is against secularism or in favour of secularism. Moreover, it is the need of the hour to analyse whether there could be a balance of approach between freedom of religion and secularism and uniform civil code.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 1, Page 44 - 51


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