Resurfacing of Cataclysmic Smoke: A Cue to Take Time by the Forelock

  • Chahat
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  • Chahat

    Research Scholar at Guru Nanak Dev University, Regional Campus, Jalandhar, India

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Amidst the chaos created by Covid-19, residents of RR Venkatapuram, Vizag witnessed another tragedy on 7th May,2020 in the form of a pernicious smoke, leaked from a nearby situated LG Polymer Plant. The deadly fumes of styrene monomer vapour inhaled by the inhabitants took 12 lives and left several injured. The resurfacing of yet another gas leak incident costing human lives inevitably puts one in mind of the deadliest Bhopal Gas Disaster. After that tragedy, we introduced a score of legislations to avoid such disasters in future and also transmogrified the principle of Strict Liability into Absolute Liability in case of hazardous industries to create a deterrent effect. Yet here we are witnessing derisory change in the situation with number of gas leak incidents occurring every now and then. In order to dig out the root cause of such incidents Researcher in this Research Paper dwells into the aftermath of Bhopal Gas Tragedy and its relevance in today’s scenario. The paper focuses on the need and significance of principle of Absolute liability. The Researcher in this Paper also keenly studies how the Rules, Regulations and Principle of Natural Justice are casually flouted by the authorities when they have their own axe to grind in the matter at hand.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 2799 - 2810


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