Protests, Politics and the Pandemic: Venezuela’s Melting Pot of Crises during the COVID-19 times

  • Smruti Bhutada
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  • Smruti Bhutada

    Student at Jindal Global Law School, India

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This paper analyses the situation of Venezuela on the basis of two trends, namely politics and protests, before connecting them to the pandemic. The first part of the paper will discuss the historical progress of Venezuelan politics from Chavez’s era to Maduro’s regime before moving to the evolution of protests during this time. The second part of this paper will analyse protests and the politics behind them, during the pandemic. The author will, in the last part of this paper, analyse Venezuelan politics in 2020 in relation to Tarrow and Tilly’s theory of social movement process in contentious politics. This research paper will be a comprehensive work on the interplay of politics and protests during the pandemic in the Venezuelan context.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 2, Page 1699 - 1711


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