Prisoners of War

  • Yogesh T
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  • Yogesh T

    LL.M. student at School of Excellence in Law, TNDALU, Tamilnadu, India

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Prisoner of war literally means any military or non-military person captured by the enemy state during the war. In this article, the evolution or the origin of the concept of prisoner of war has been traced back. Once the concept has originated, it has to be recognised by countries around the world. Then slowly, the concept of prisoners of war evolved and their rights became the talking point during the world war, and their protection of life was advocated by various scholars around the world, and the geneva convention played a significant role in protecting the rights of prisoners of war. Prisoners of war must not be tortured during interrogation, and that has been the main aim of the Geneva convention, and it gave an exception that the liberty of movement can be restricted if their respective countries’ national interest is at risk. Then the prisoner of war must be released and sent to their home country was the major talking point as there will be existing major legal issues between international law and domestic law. Then the international committee of the red cross had the power of giving rights to visit the prisoner of war, and protecting power was discussed. The above-mentioned concepts have been discussed in depth with reference to the geneva convention. At last, it is humanity that must be upheld rather than torturing fellow human beings by taking them as prisoners of war.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 5, Page 915 - 925


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