Laws Relating to Arms and Ammunitions in USA & India: Responsibility of a Country or a Citizen

  • Yashvi Goyal
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  • Yashvi Goyal

    Student at MIT World Peace University, India

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India and the United States, which will be discussed in this research study, are well-known arms-rich nations that possess not only conventional weapons such as firearms and cannons, but also nuclear weapons, missiles, biological and chemical weapons, etc. The two nations both have highly formidable militaries, but the military, military regulations, and large weapons are not the focus of this study. Rather, we focus on the lesser issues pertaining to the ordinary people, or rather the inhabitants of the country, and their access to pistols, revolvers, and rifles. In the United States, around 44% of Republicans and 20% of Democrats own weapons, while India possesses over 71 million firearms, making it the second biggest in the world. Gun ownership in both nations is further split by gender, geographic location, values, and level of education. It would be fascinating to examine further in this article how both nations have a well-organized licensing legislation and sanctions for breaking the law, but criminals are able to flee and sit in the comfort of their homes.



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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 4, Page 548 - 556


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