John Rawls Theory of Justice

  • Insha Afreen
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  • Insha Afreen

    Student at Aligarh Muslim University, India

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This project work deals with Rawls’ Theory of Justice which he proposed in his famous book “A Theory of Justice”. Justice is an abstract concept which is subjective in nature. It can be defined differently by different people, what is just for one may not just for other. Generally, justice is to treat equals equally and unequals differently. Different philosophers and jurists have tried to define the term in their own ways. For Aristotle justice is based on equality, proportionality and maintenance of equilibrium in society. Other jurists also gave the theories of justice, one such was John Rawls who gave the theory of justice in his famous book, “A Theory of Justice”. Rawls theory of justice is based on ‘equality’ and ‘difference’ principles. His theory is related to the distribution of benefits and burdens among individuals. Rawls theory of justice could be seen as an alternative to the utilitarian principle of justice.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 2, Page 3051 - 3061


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