Is Content Writing Vital for Viral Marketing: An Extensive Analysis

  • Shambhavi Ranjan
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  • Shambhavi Ranjan

    Student at Amity University Rajasthan, India

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Online marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes the internet to promote products or services to a targeted audience. The most popular kinds of internet marketing strategies include content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). Both strategies involve writing quality content that is directly related to your market and then promoting it to gain more traffic. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of both strategies and explain why writing quality content is vital for viral marketing. Online marketing has become a crucial part of our daily lives, as consumers increasingly access information online. The number of internet users worldwide reached about 5.3 billion at the end of 2021. Furthermore, there are many ways to market online- social media platforms, email campaigns, chat apps, and websites all allow companies to reach potential customers. The main objective of internet marketing is to provide information to potential customers and convince them to purchase your product or service. Consumers are looking for answers on the internet so it's crucial for businesses to provide quality content. Viral marketing campaigns rely on creating and sharing content that resonates with people and inspires them to share it with their networks. Content writing is the process of creating written material, such as blog posts, social media updates, videos, and other types of content that can be used in a viral marketing campaign. Some of the reasons why content writing is vital for viral marketing are that it- i. Provides a platform for creativity, ii. Builds brand awareness, iii. Engages the target audience, iv. Increases traffic and engagement, v. Enables social sharing. Online marketing has become a vital marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. Consumers increasingly access information online, which makes it essential for companies to provide quality content to build a base of customers. Companies can increase their chances of reaching potential customers by creating quality content and promoting it via social media or email campaigns. Ultimately, online marketing is only as effective as the content produced by marketers themselves! This article aims to make an in-depth analysis of how content writing goes hand in hand with viral marketing.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 748 - 758


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