Examining the Level of Audience Satisfaction and Trust in Afghanistan News Coverage on Tolo News and BBC-Persian Televisions

  • Mohammad Essa Sakhawati and Sekandar Maihanyar
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  • Mohammad Essa Sakhawati

    Assistant Professor at Journalism faculty, Balkh University, Balkh, Afghanistan

  • Sekandar Maihanyar

    Assistant Professor at Journalism faculty, Balkh University, Balkh, Afghanistan

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This research was conducted with the aim of studying the trust of the audience and the difference in the level of trust in TOLO News and BBC-Persian televisions, in the coverage of domestic news (with a case study of the views of the users of the news of the national "TOLOnews TV" and the international "BBC Persian" networks). The research method of this article is a survey with a questionnaire technique. The socio-statistics of this research are the audience of news networks investigated in different cities of Afghanistan with different sex, age, educational level, field of study and jobs. The sample size in this research was (385) people, the questionnaire was distributed and collected after completion and the data was analyzed using "SPSS" software. The theoretical framework of this research, the important theories of communication; It forms the theory of "use and satisfaction" and the theory of "trust". The research findings are presented in two levels of data description and analysis. At the descriptive level, the data has been described using one-dimensional tables, and the issues raised at this level are based on the individual characteristics of the respondents and questions based on the research objectives. At the level of data analysis and explanation using two-dimensional tables, cases based on research hypotheses have been analyzed and explained. The findings of the research show that the level of satisfaction and trust of the audience towards the news channel "Tolo News" is higher than the news channel "BBC". According to the findings of this research, among the domestic television channels of Afghanistan, the level of trust and satisfaction with the private channels of Afghanistan is higher than the party and government television channels.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 1757 - 1774

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLMH.114230

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