Deconstructing Imagined Lines: Babism

  • Abdullah Parwaiz and Utkarsh Saini
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  • Abdullah Parwaiz

    Student at Aligarh Muslim University, India

  • Utkarsh Saini

    Student at Aligarh Muslim University, India

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The islamic faith has been known to be divided into numerous sectors within themselves, so much so that it has traversed into the realm of the imagined. In our study of how the effects of supernaturalism linger on the ordinary as well as best of minds, we came across a sect that walked on the thick line of contradictions and had to be hammered down with the method of deconstruction. The aim of the paper is to align the canonical islamic texts and thoughts with that of the Babism sect, and with deconstructive methods find out why this sector had such a short run and it's claims which took inspiration from the imagined made its way yet to the Iranian tribunal meetings. The deconstructive method inspired by Jacques Derrida shall allow us to do a close reading and analysis of this faith without ourselves divulging into biases. By the end of the paper, we will have established the effect that the unseen may have on our minds, that divinity will always be sought even in mortality and that sectarianism may hold on its values of finding the real interpretive truth but all divisions are not enlightened ideas but claims of heretics and the influenced.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 3480 - 3483


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