Cyber Crime and Women

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    PhD Scholar at Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, India

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Women constitute half of the population in the world. Dignity of women is the fundamental part in the society. Article 21 of the constitution of India provides life and liberty to everyone .Article 21 known as the judicial creativity also. This judicial creativity protects the dignity of the women under the head of life and liberty of person. Reputation, privacy, dignity of any person is integral part in the society. Dignity or reputation of women is important in the society. Time to time many attempts is made to harm the reputation of the women. In the society women are soft and vulnerable target for the crime. This research paper discussed about cyber crime and women. With the advent of technology victimization of women is on high rates. Computers, telephones, laptops, mobiles phones are the most commonly used device in everywhere. Cyber crime is the illegal activity which is committed with the help of cyber space. Cyber space we mean technology and the internet .this paper includes how cyber crime affects the different section like women in the domestic relationship, women in the workplace, and women in the educational institution etc. of the women in the society. To be a victim of cyber crime is most dreadful experience for the women. It affects women mentally, socially and physically. This paper deals with the analyzing and review cyber crimes against the women in India. The most common crimes which are committed against the women are cyber pornography, morphing, cyber grooming, cyber staling, harassment, hacking, obscenity, cyber bullying, cyber trolling, phishing. The main reason of the cyber crime against loneliness’ of the school going and college going girls students, weaker and vulnerable target ,unawareness about the privacy and security about the social media, share personal information to the strangers anonymity of the cyber criminals, lack of proper legal provisions. The research paper also discussed about the impact which are very dangerous to the women lie mental stock, social and private injury, academic loss, breakdown of personal relationship. Presently Information Technology Act 2000 and traditionally IPC deal with the cyber crime in India. Suggestion also provided by the researcher.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 3, Page 4174 - 4180


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