Critical Race Theory: Framework and the Recent Ban in the United States

  • Varsha V
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  • Varsha V

    Student at CMR School of Legal Studies, India

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The Critical Race theory and its omission from the curriculum in schools in the United States has created quite the controversy around the world. The section of people against the theory being taught in schools reason that children are too young to understand a theory as complicated as critical race theory and how the theory as a whole is hypothetical. The theory is presently facing backlash and ban in various states of the US. The theory works on the basis/ foundation of how race is a social construct and is embedded so deeply in the legal systems and policies that it affects the personal lives of people of colour. This paper will start by defining critical race theory and discussing its tenets/ core components. Secondly, it will look into the history behind the theory and the events that led to its origins. Thirdly, it will look at the states in the US which have banned the theory and the reasons behind the same. Finally, it will look at the section of people who support critical race theory and the reasoning behind it.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 1476 - 1482


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