Climate Change and Global Warming: A Consumer Responsibility

  • Mamta Devi
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  • Mamta Devi

    Research Scholar at Central University of Haryana, India

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Environmental issues, and the solutions to them, are a growing source of worry in our culture. Environmental law and policy do not exist in isolation; instead, they are inextricably linked to consumer protection in response to those who believe they are inextricably linked. Global climate change and environmental challenges have captured the attention of numerous parties in recent years. Climate demonstrations are taking place worldwide, in the middle of arguably the most important call to attention that humanity has ever faced. This is because customers, governments, and communities are becoming more conscious of their natural resource deterioration and environmental damage responsibilities. Firms face various external constraints, including consumer demand and environmental legislation. As a result, businesses must adopt environmentally friendly practices, such as green innovation, to achieve sustainable development. Various consumer law provisions can increase consumer knowledge of environmental concerns to aid this evolution. This study aims to evaluate consumer responsibility for climate change and the function of ecological legislation in mitigating this relationship. This research paper aims to examine three significant facets of environmental and consumer engagement: first, the relationship between the consumer and the environment; second, the consumer’s responsibility to protect the environment; and third, environmental and consumer laws and judicial responses.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 1, Page 2463 - 2471


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