Automatic Vehicle and Self Driving Cars, Future of India but Miles to Go

  • Riddhi Bhattacharya
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  • Riddhi Bhattacharya

    Student of St Xavier's University, Kolkata, India

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The growth of automated cars attributed to various factors like speedy development in sensor processing technologies, adaptive algorithms, high definition mapping, vehicle to vehicle communication technologies etc . But in India the present situation is not that bright for the automated vehicles. Motor Vehicle act 1988 does not give any permission for autonomous vehicles and not even testing of autonomous vehicles. Extreme weather conditions, Poor road conditions, pot holes, lack of net facilities in several parts of the country, radar interference, lack of knowledge of common people regarding road safety are also few factors which pose challenges to this new technology. Road condition is not same in all over the country, as difficult roads, terrain , muddy roads are very common in India. Automated car also beneficial for India’s environment Pollution problems. But, Socially and technologically India is not ready to welcome this revolution. But amendments of laws, implementation of better traffic rules, improvements in network connectivity and last but not the least change in peoples’ mindset can change the scenario.




International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 4, Page 594 - 599


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