An Expedition: From Destitution to Demanding of Rights

  • Maitreyee Mishra
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  • Maitreyee Mishra

    Student at Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow

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The past is a repository of all the experiences, achievements, discoveries and struggles of humanity. In fact, it is through our past that the present traces its way to us. If we come to think of it, in true sense it is all a continued reality. One such continued reality is of the hardships faced by dalits in India at the hands of brutal caste segregation. The book that I chose to review is called “Black Lilies- an Anthology of Telugu Dalit Poetry” by K. Purushottam. It is a collection of poetry written over a span of more than a century by telugu dalit poets (translated in English by the author himself) who were systematically and continuously ignored because of their places in the set oppressive social hierarchy. The idea and intent that went behind the creation of this anthology is what fascinated me immensely as it talks about giving a ‘voice’ to those who were forcefully muted at the hands of discrimination and bias. What makes it even more interesting is the use of poetry to display facts, express emotions and demand rights. In order to truly understand and appreciate the essence of this creation I have tried to pay attention to not only what is ‘said' but also what is ‘intended’. I have divided this review into parts and categorically discussed each and every aspect of this book and finally after talking about all these facets, I have come to a conclusion, my own understanding of what it conveys and what it stands for. To state in one line- this book tells a story of an expedition; from destitution to demanding of rights.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 3, Page 5691 - 5695


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