An Empirical Analysis of Legal and Procedural Dynamics in Motor Accident Compensation Claims and Awareness and Implementation of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019 in Chennai

  • Ramji Kumar P.
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  • Ramji Kumar P.

    Guest Faculty at SOEL, TNDALU, Chennai and an Advocate at Madras High Court, Chennai, India

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This research undertakes a comprehensive empirical exploration of the intricate legal and procedural aspects inherent in motor accident compensation claims within the context of Chennai, India. By centering on the firsthand experiences of claimants, the study ventures into a multifaceted analysis, encompassing the prevalence of exorbitant legal fees, the claimants encountered within the legal proceedings, the contributions and challenges posed by diverse stakeholders, and the efficacy of current regulatory frameworks. A significant focal point of this investigation lies in evaluating claimants' awareness and adherence to the recent legislative reforms introduced by the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act of 2019. These amendments hold the potential to substantially benefit claimants, and the study seeks to gauge the extent to which individuals availing themselves of compensation are cognizant of and compliant with these legal alterations. The research aims to shed light on the nuanced dynamics of navigating through the compensation claims process in Chennai, offering insights that can inform policy considerations, legal practice enhancements, and advocacy efforts. Through its meticulous examination of both the challenges faced by claimants and the impact of legislative changes, this research contributes to a nuanced understanding of the broader landscape of motor accident compensation in Chennai, facilitating informed discourse and potential improvements in the current legal framework.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 6, Page 1534 - 1568


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