Addressing Cyber Scam as a Threat to Cyber Security in India

  • Ally Jaffari Ally and Neha Gadgala
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  • Ally Jaffari Ally

    Student in India

  • Neha Gadgala

    Lecturer in India

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Development of technology has brought a big change in the world especially from 20th century. This technology development has also brought a big change in the information technology which is now being used by other people for the development purposes such as trading activities, for education purpose and others are using it to earn income which is not legal by stealing and hacking other people’s accounts which then has led to the huge loss of their accounts. This research paper has addressed three main issues the procedures on enforcement of cyber law on cyber scam as part of cybercrime its challenges in enforcement of the laws as a threat to cyber security in India and the effects in the society caused due to failure of enforcement of laws to stop such acts in India. Cyber scam has become a huge problem in different parts of the world as growing technical way of crime by criminal. Individuals and organisation lose a lot of their fund due to such acts which criminals try to earn money easily from them. The laws and implementation need a good collaboration and association among the nations to formulate laws according to the development of the technology as it can be done beyond boundaries of the country.


Research Paper


International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 376 - 390


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