Acid Attacks in India: A Socio-Legal Analysis

  • Lakshya Grover
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  • Lakshya Grover

    Student at Amity Law School Delhi, GGSIPU, India

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Acid Attack is one of the most hurtful and destructive crime against women. It not only causes physical pain due to burns and wounds but also torchers the victim mentally for years or even lifetime. In a country where a whole majority prays to female Gods and regards women as Devis, such acts are done with reasons such as one-sided love, jealousy etc. Acid Attack need not be just against women but the statistics show it as a crime against women as the harming a woman’s facial features seems as a vengeful act to the culprits due to the beauty definitions of our shallow society. Thousands of women have suffered from this disgusting crime in our country which has left them feeling ugly, scary, lonely and damaged and has even led to suicide. This act seems so easy for the doer while the victim suffers such mental and social torment. What’s worse is that acid is so easily available in the market and is a common product among households for cleaning and other purposes. Hence, anyone who plans to do so can easily purchase or just pick a bottle from the house for such a purpose. While on the other hand, the victim has to suffer as well as fight for justice as per the hefty procedures of our legal system. The burns not only affect how one looks but have even led to such high degree burns that have caused visual, respiratory and other issues to the victim that even led to permanent disabilities. There have been many cases that have brought changes to the harsh reality and the development still continues. Various laws, guidelines, judgments etc. have brought in changes and helped the victims and there still is a lot to be done. The goal needs to be more than compensating the victims for what they suffer as no amount of money can actually compensate for it. The easy access to acid, the delay in compensation leading to further troubles in treatment, the society’s shallow beauty standards, the disgusting mindsets of the attackers and various other problems are to be addressed to. While some victims further become victims to the system and society, there are many others who have begun a war against this and are supported by the society as well. What has been done might be a lot but what has to be done is even more as the crime involves all aspects including social, personal, physical, moral etc.


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International Journal of Law Management and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 6, Page 1588 - 1596


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