Human Rights Violation in Jails, Juvenile Homes and Detention Centers amid Covid-19. 

Aliasgar Challawala
NMIMS School of Law KPMSOL, Mumbai, India

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

The covid 19 crisis has been the worst crisis in the human history since the past 100 years. This pandemic has caused huge loss and damage to may things. The economy has shattered and many other such horrific things have happened with the pandemic. However worst the pandemic may be, human rights of an individual human being should not be violated. These rights are very vital for humans and are the basic rights given and guaranteed by the constitution of India. From all the humans, rights of the prisoners and people in juvenile homes is also vital. The article discusses these prisoners’ rights amidst the pandemic and what the government is doing to protect these people’s rights. At the end, the article ends with the conclusion drawn by the author and suggestions to improve the conditions of the prisoner’s and protect their rights in this pandemic.


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