Women Protest in 21st Century

Government Law College Thiruvanathapuram, India

Volume III, Issue I, 2020

All over the world women are not safe even in our 21st Century. Each and every second every women facing gender discrimination and violations all over the world. Women are not even safe in their home itself. For the revolution and changing attitude to the society many revolutions are performed worldwide.

 “Ni Una Menos” (not one (woman) less), a campaign against femicide in Argentina, in 2015 that campaigns against gender based violence. It was also recognized with the use of the hastag #NiUnMenos through social media.

It wasn’t until the following year, after witnessing Polish women striking for abortion access, as well as hearing reports about the rape and murder of a 16-year-old Argentine girl, buried by her boy friend in his house with a few weeks pregnant.


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