Women Directors on Corporate Boards

Pankhuri Swarnim
Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

The researcher, in this paper, at first, examines the significant provisions laid down under the Companies Act, 2013 that try to combat the traditional underrepresentation of women in the corporate world, more so, on the Board of Directors. The researcher also conducts an in-depth analysis of the available statistical data on how women have been given representation in the corporate world in various jurisdictions across the world, including India, enforcing legislations to bring about the same. The paper also highlights how women’s presence in the top executive positions and in the boardroom affects the firm’s performance. The paper also dives into the issue of gender bias acting as an impediment for women, prohibiting them from making it successfully in the outside world. The paper appraises the concept of gender diversity and highlights how the same is quintessential in order that there is an upliftment of the society, in particular and the country, in general. The researcher has given her opinionated analysis succeeding the research presented, concluding that the aforementioned law is a sagacious parliamentary intervention to further aggrandize the contribution of women towards the growth of the country and needs to be drawn upon, not only by other developing countries but also by our country herself.

Keywords: Women Director, Women Representation, Gender Bias, Gender Diversity, Companies Act, 2013, Board of Directors, Boardroom, Corporate Governance.


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