White-Collar Crimes

Kritika Oberoi
Royal College of Law, Ghaziabad
Uttar Pradesh, India

Volume II – Issue V, 2019

White-collor crimes are also called the professional crime. These are property crimes, economic crimes, environmental and health safety laws violations etc. the White-collor crimes has various types that I will explain in detail in my article. In this article I want to throw light on various contents like meaning, origination, classification, types, implications, causes, factors affecting White-collor crimes. As we know that crimes in India is increasing day by day. Crimes are happening at every place. I will explain the White-collor crimes in India, measures to control White-collor crimes, penalties and punishment. I am also taking the help of leading cases to explain White-collor crimes. White-collor crimes have their criminal history including infractions of illegality but many do not indulge in that. An individual can commit a crime during employment or unemployment. Its two common forms are fraud and theft. In the era of modernization there are lots of nations which divide the crimes into some laws. One of the most common crimes is corporate crime which deals with the company as a whole. White-collor crimes and corporate crimes are similar because they take place within the business world. The difference between both of this is White-collor crimes benefit the company. White-collor crimes are done by employees with the criminal behavior. Let’s begin with the article.


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