‘When State Overlooks Fundamental Rights of Citizens’ – A Situation During the Covid-19 Lockdowns

Gaurav R. Suryavanshi
Advocate at Bombay High Court, Maharashtra, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The Fundamental rights are guaranteed under Part III of the Indian Constitution. The Judiciary is the guardian of these fundamental rights and time and again, Courts in India have protected the citizens against the legislative and executive tyranny. While the Covid-19 pandemic has led the world to a crisis, both humanitarian and economic, it has been evident that India is one of the worst-hit countries with this crisis. A nationwide lockdown was imposed in India to contain the Covid-19 disease. While experts have called this lockdown necessary and a stringent one, the lockdown brought several repercussions on ordinary citizens socially and economically. In a democracy like India, several fundamental rights faced a hostile response in the light of the restrictions imposed under the lockdown. This research paper endeavours to briefly explain the fundamental rights affected on account of the said lockdown. Although the lockdown was a necessary measure, it is also viewed as an unorganised striking on citizens.