What Does India Need Strict Laws or Better Implementation

Pushyami Busam
Sastra Deemed University
Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Volume II – Issue VI, 2019

The laws which we are following now are derivation from British law where many amendments are made based on various cultures and practices followed in India. Among all these laws, there is a law which is being amended till now i.e., rape law and punishment for that offence. As the punishment for offence of rape keep on changing and becoming stringent, the number of rape cases is also increasing day by day. Even after the nirbhaya[1] rape case where the accused were sentenced to death, there are still many brutal rapes happening in our country. What might be the reason for this? Is it the laws are not strict or the laws are not implemented effectively? Let us look into this


[1] Mukesh & Anr vs State For Nct Of Delhi & Ors.


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