Violence Online: Women and Wild Web

 SASTRA Deemed to be University, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

Most of the offenses against the body involve physical violence. But one of the most prevailing and growing offenses with the same gravity is cybercrime. In the digital era, information and communication technology is helping billions to build the gap between people. But we do not realize that the gap is becoming so thin that every person is becoming capable of stepping into another’s shoe, infringing their privacy and even lowering the dignity of another. In such a case, women are most affected. Though they fall prey with various other offenses, “Violence online” affects them traumatically. This paper provides the study on cybercrime against women and laws governing them in the US, INDIA, and UK. The advancements in technology are intended to provide better living, but the same technology is being misused in various walks of life without any physical bounds. When this became a burning issue in India, various provisions were established in Penal provisions, Information Technology Act, 2000 and Privacy laws seeking protection to the victims. But these laws fail to meet the growing cybercrime rate. In a country like India, where the society looks down upon women, the laws prevailing does not sufficiently recognize these online crimes. This paper provides a descriptive case study in India to introspect the gaps between cybercrime against women and laws relating to the same.  This paper aims to bring out the various types of cybercrimes and the reasons for the commissioning of these crimes are researched. Various cases are analysed to conclude. Suggestions as to the reforms required in the legal system to curb the rising criminals and changes in the attitude of the society towards the victim are discussed in the conclusion.


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