Views on Adultery and Homosexuality not Applicable on Army

Govind Kumar Saxena
Phd Scholar Law
Amity University Haryana
Haryana, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2019

In this comprehensive article, we will look into several aspects of homosexuality oppression across the world and we will take deeper look into the homosexuality oppression in India, particularly. This article explains the background and the present scenario of acceptance of adultery and homosexuality in military and society, as well. First, we will see how the laws in India have changed and how adultery and Homosexuality have been decriminalised by the Supreme Court of India. Then we will look at the countries that have anti-homosexuality laws and how the things have changed in the last decade. Lastly, we will see how military is affected by the New laws in India on homosexuality and adultery. Kindly note that it is based on the recent changes made by the Supreme Court of India.


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