Unrest in Venezuela from 2014 to Present Day

Nivedita Baraily
Department of Law, University of North Bengal, India

Volume III, Issue I, 2020

A Violence is said to be intrinsic to human nature. No matter how much we strive for the attainment of peace, we tend to be intemperate. There have been several violent as well as peaceful protests in the 21st century. Protest means a statement or action expressing disapproval or objection to something. Protests can also be viewed as the endpoint of human patience and tolerance after which it becomes impossible to contain anger or suffering. Such is the case in Venezuela. Venezuela is a country that has been suffering since the late 1990s and it is still in the state of constant struggle with things like inflation, shortages of goods, corruption, mismanagement, crimes, high mortality rates etc. The New York Times has recently called the crisis the worst the world has ever seen apart from war. These issues need to be addressed for awareness purposes and also for all the developing countries to understand the gravity of certain situations.


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