United Nations & Syria: A Muddled Affair amidst a Refugee Crisis and a Pandemic

Akshay Vasantgadkar and Anjali Nair
LLM Student, ILS Law College, Pune, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Syria, a region plagued by an armed conflict, has over the last decade witnessed a rise in the number of human rights violations, dreadful use of chemical weapons, dominance of ISIS, hordes of migrants, and a desolation of refugees. To add on to the prevailing condition, the scourge of a pandemic has now made its way into this helpless state. After the Second World War, the United Nations emerged as the guardian angel which attempts to mitigate global crisis and propagate principles of peace and prosperity. The situation of Syria, is unfortunately taking a regressive step in mankind’s progress towards peace and prosperity. The United Nations has constantly strived to resolve the situation in the region. The authors in this paper aim to understand the complexities of the migration crisis and its relation with the current international socio-economic and political scenario. The authors also aim to throw light on the role of the UN in improving the plight of the region and identify what more can be done for our brethren species in the light of the Pandemic.