Trafficking Of Women: Perspectives in International Law

Prabh Simran Kaur & Tanya Kaul
Symbiosis Law School, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Volume I, Issue III, 2018

This research paper relates to the understanding of the term trafficking in the context of displacement of humans and the consequences that follow with regard to such trafficking in case of women and also to see and find out what the international legal instruments provide for as protection to the victims.

In this paper, the authors intend to indulge into a completely analytical discussion about the various international covenants and reports applicable to the topic of trafficking of women. At the very onset, the researchers decline to give a very clear understanding of trafficking, for the instruments which will be analyzed, are limited to that extent. The paper will go into the historical backdrop of anti-trafficking regulations and their racial basis and then trace their development and evolution to the current international legal regimes.

In connection with such instruments, it will be shown how they fall far short of providing any kind of effective check to trafficking activities or any remedy to the victims because of their inherent weak composition. Such weaknesses of the international legal regime and its instruments will be pointed out and its connection with the expanding problem of trafficking will be highlighted too. The paper will also seek to give certain inputs in its conclusion as to how the loop holes which are present can be remedied or how the entire system of operation of the instruments can be revamped and changed.


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