Theory and Practice of Women Empowerment in India

Dr. Kalpana Devi
Assistant Professor
FIMT School of law, New Delhi, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2019

Twenty first century is known for remarkable change in society. Today science and technology is at its zenith. Science is surprising everyone through ever new innovative inventions at the same time technology is becoming a medium for women empowerment, when women are striving with full strength for their rights, women constitute half of the population and are stakeholder of development and technology but unfortunately they are not able to avail the same. Empowerment means having power to change the position and circumstances. India is a patriarchal society, men has acquired possession in every structure and institute of society. In India women have struggled a lot for their rights and dues in society. To know the actual position of women a field study was conducted. Rural and urban area data has been collected. The field study shows that women are not able to access the basic amenities. Their family have resources but mostly they are unable to access e.g. having vehicle is normal but very few women 18.20% know driving the majority do not know driving. In the era of digitalisation computer and laptop are demand of daily life. Right from getting information to other digital need laptop and computer are required. It was surprising to know that large numbers 59.20 % women are not acquainted with only 40.20% are familiar to these gadgets. The empowerment in reality right from family, community to state level is required. Empowerment of women is not possible until and unless they are not able to access their basic rights. Socially, economically, politically and legally strong women can contribute to strong and stable society


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