The Validity of the Use of Narcoanalysis and Its Importance in the Light of National Security

Dhruvi Shah
Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

Criminal discovery v. The Right against Self-Incrimination has been a persistent debate when the topic of discussion is a Narco-Analysis test. I wish to understand the relevance of a Narco test in today’s scenario when the gravity of the crimes being committed have increased. It has always been so in the Criminal Law that the greater right must be leaned towards. The right of the society to live. To live in peace and security and with dignity. So, when the rights of the accused are pitted against that of an entire society, the former seem rather feeble. But even then, the courts take measure to equally weigh and protect the rights of the both the parties. How does one place the legality of the Narco test in such a scenario? The technological advancement that the test provides takes strands in providing justice and in increasing the conviction rate in India. In that case what should be the actual standard for judging the validity of the Narco test? Through this paper, I wish to analyze the validity of the test and the relevance of the test today in the light of the gravity of the crimes and the urgency to deliver justice. 

Research Objective -As a replacement of the torturous techniques used for interrogation, how valid and relevant is the use of a Narcoanalysis Test as an option to conduct a successful inquiry?

Keywords– Narcoanalysis, interrogation, truth serum, torture, national security, admissibility.


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