The Unrighteousness Tormented to Subjects of Singrauli and Sonebhadra with Every Dawn: Drawing a Contrast between Right to Live with Dignity and Mere Animal Existence​​

Anshit Minocha
School of Law, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Singrauli and Sonebhadra are two areas situated in parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The subjects living in areas of Singrauli and Sonebhadra have been tormented, tortured, afflicted and harrowed by the harmful chemicals emitted by the industries, that are operating illegally in these areas. It is difficult for the common man to live, reside and carry out daily functional activities in these areas because of such high saturation of air with harmful chemicals like Mercury, Chromium, etc. However, it is pertinent to take into consideration that the Constitution of India, which is the grund norm for such a populous nation like India, offers constitutional provisions like Article 21 which confers the right to live and carry out practices related to one’s lifestyle with bulletproof dignity. However, instances like that of Singrauli and Sonebhadra makes the common man question the veracity and truthfulness of judiciary, and the constitution in practical implementation of such rights. It is pertinent to note that Article 14 and 21 are equally important part of the Constitution and also form a part of the basic structure of the constitution, as elucidated in the case of Keswananda Bharati v. State of Kerala.  This manuscript not only throws light on the prospective issue with industrialization but also tries to elucidate the constitutional safeguards and their practical jurisdiction, and also makes an attempt of analysing a threshold between constitutional safeguards and the line where industrialization ends.