The Role of the National Green Tribunal in furthering the object of Environment Protection

Raghav Dhanda
Advocate, High Court of Delhi
Delhi, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2019

Since the beginning of the 1990s, there had a global boom in environmental law.  Environmental Jurisprudence has developed to a considerable extent since then. The Supreme Court had suggested the institution of environmental courts in a number of judgments. The National Green Tribunal was brought into existence on the 18th of October in the year 2010.It was meant to be a specialized body to deal with matters which were multi-disciplinary in character. At present, the tribunals have developed into mechanisms that have surpassed their initial defects. This paper seeks to analyse the formation of the National Green Tribunal as well as the jurisprudence and reforms it has brought to light since its inception. This paper will cover the analysis of several orders passed by the tribunal and also delve into the limitations which have restricted the objective of the Tribunal. There are currently over twelve hundred environmental courts worldwide concentrated on resolving environmental matters. Good governance and enforcement are essential to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and India too has taken a step forward towards the same.


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