The Legal Phytosanitary Perspective of the Indian Onion Crisis of 2019

Tarun K.S.
Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

Agriculture has been, and perhaps will remain one of the key issues in the world trading forum, and even more so in the Indian context. To understand these sensitivities fully, including India’s emphasis on self-sufficiency, it is important to keep in mind India’s past trends of extreme shortage of food that the country faced in the mid 1900s. It was only the success of the ‘Green Revolution’ that helped India overcome its dependence on food aid. India once again stands in the horizon of shortage of one such precious staple: the onion. This article critically analysis the current crisis in terms of causes and effects of scarcity of this particular resource. The information used includes both laws of International caliber and Indian legislatures along with their inter-relation to stop the crisis. The study further examines how the Indian government corroborated these laws in order to effectively put an end to the onion crisis of 2019.


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