The History and Evolution of Racism in Society

Sidrah Jami
Amity Law School, Amity University Noida, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Racism has been an ongoing issue for ages. The paper firstly discuses the definition of ethnicity, nationality as a basis of racism. It emphasis on the various types of individuals who are distinguished on the basis of the language, colour and dialect. Racism has also been linked to the political development. Secondly, the paper focuses on the definition of race and it’s history. With the expanding significance of bondage, religion was utilised as a way to legitimise supremacist divisions, grouping ethnic minorities as ‘agnostic and cruel’. Thirdly, the paper focuses on the historical development of the racism in the context of pseudo-science context, science by looking at Darwin’s book, medicine by focussing on Robert Knox, inter-racial marriage by emphasising on The Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act, eugenics, migration, sterilisation by emphasising on The Model Eugenical sterilisation law. Fourthly, the paper focused on the current day pseudo-science context, policy impact, manifest des-tiny and acquisition of the southwest by emphasising on the conflict for taking up various parts of Mexico like Colorado, Arizona and Texas. Fifthly, the paper focused on the definition of white and how the whites are distinguished from other colour groups according to the language, geography etc. Sixthly, the paper focuses on the suggestive measures that should be taken to carb the concept of racism worldwide.