The Farm Acts 2020: A Dilemma in Disguise ​

Prabsimran Singh, Dilraj Singh and Meenakshi Singh
Symbiosis Law School, Noida, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

This Research paper focuses to initiate a discourse on a critical analysis of the recently introduced three Farm Acts in September 2020. In view of a dire need for reforms in the agrarian sector, these three Acts were recently passed with the objective of development of the agrarian sector and welfare of the farmers in India. However, in the event of receiving strong opposition, the fundamental question that arises is whether these reforms will result in the welfare or only add to the misery of the Farmers. The reforms prima facie appear to be beneficial on paper but then what led to the massive protests and such opposition. The paper seeks to analyse the far-reaching implications of these reforms. With due analysis, it can be observed that the recent reforms that look like a blessing might actually be a dilemma in the long run. The primary contention that arises is regarding the fate of the concept of MSP and the existing government-regulated AMPC when the private players enter the agricultural market. The paper seeks to highlight the suggested recommendations to escape the predicament after due analysis of the likely adverse implications of this enactment.