The Development of Transboundary Air Pollution and the Impact on Environment​

Simran Bais and Niyati Nagar
Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

International concerns over the degradation of environment has been less perceived. At the same time, it is important to note that air pollution is becoming a serious concern for the health and economy of many nations around the globe. With the objective to reduce air pollution various conferences were organized however, it was observed that different nation-states were indulged in the game of finger pointing. This act was ineffective for confrontation with transboundary air pollution and certainly highlighted the fact that problem of air pollution requires a high level of international cooperation and dialogues for the matter of fact that air knows no boundary. Air Pollution has become a global reason and significant contributor to childhood illness and death around the world. The article addresses the international developments in confronting the issue of transboundary air pollution. The Europe has emerged as a key leader for mitigating the transboundary air pollution to a great extent and the minor steps undertaken by Asia and North America are significant to combat the menace. Air pollution is a global as well as regional issue, and a trend towards international cooperation and employing scientific principles would aid to significantly reduce the pollution to a great level.