The Charm of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: An Insight into the Challenges of Implementation​​

Ankita Shaw and Pragya Srivastava
School of Law, KIIT University, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the most transformative technology in the 21st Century since Alan Turing’s comment in 1950 on machines intelligence capacity. One of the early candidates to be revolutionized was Health Care. Artificial Intelligence is increasingly proliferating in the health care landscape. The implementation of such a transformative technology has an immense promise to improve and amend the health outcomes in a resource-constrained setting like India. Artificial intelligence has been implemented in order to ease down upon the pressure of the health care staffs, lower down costs and ultimately improve the lives of the patients. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care is welcoming, however, it seems that these implementations of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care has substantial legal and ethical ramifications. Thereby, the author puts forth the issue of ethical and legal perspective in the backdrop of the Legal framework existing in India with regards to the field of Health Care. The mapping of the paper is in four folds. Firstly, the author sets out the definition and meaning of artificial intelligence in health care followed by the trends and strategies followed in the field of health care in India. Secondly, the author sets out the implementation of AI in Health Care. Thirdly, the author evaluates the ethical and legal ramifications by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Fourthly, the author analyzes that albeit India is at a developing and implementing stage of artificial intelligence in Health Care, there ought to be legal framework in order to regulate the same. And lastly, the paper outlines the limitations within which the regulators for health technology operate. The paper furthermore, offers recommendations for a system thinking approach to regulate Artificial Intelligence in Indian Health Systems.

Keywords: Artificial, Care, Ethics, Intelligence, Health, Legal, Regulatory