The Challenges of Covid 19 in Bangladesh: Need an Emergency Law

Monirul Islam
LL.B. (Hon’s), (IIUC), LL.M. (JU), LL.M. [Master of Laws], University of Malaya, Malaysia.
Mohammad Mainul Hossain
Masters by research, Department of Media and Communications Studies, University of Malaya, Malaysia, Bachelor of Communications, University of Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

In contemporary times, a number of challenges are noticed in Bangladesh regarding Covid 19 pandemic when most of the countries are facing the same problem worldwide. There are countless intricate in Bangladesh vis-à-vis massive incidences like distancing problems with other issues. Likewise, there is still no strong evidence on the success of the treatments as well as a lacuna of available vaccine, job solution of the jobless people, testing services problem on hand while it is practicing social distance and other strong precaution measures stay the best combat to protect the most serious impact of the Covid 19 outbreak other countries of the world. However, If Bangladesh does not tackle this problem within the possible time, it will be overwhelming challengeable for Bangladesh for implementing the Covid 19 issues in this tremendous crisis. Nevertheless, this paper shows the issues of Covid 19 matters and then provides logical recommendations including new laws like England. Also, this paper illustrates how government can mitigate this problem though enacting a new law and strategic plan as well.

Keywords: Covid 19, Laws, Acts, Enforcement Agency, Criminal Matters, Distancing and Other Issues, etc.