The Capacity of a Destination to Accommodate Halal Tourism Industry Responses from Mauritius​g

Ambareen Beebeejaun
Lecturer (Corporate and Tax Law)
Department of Law, Faculty of Law and Management. University of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The Muslim travel market is one of the most emerging lucrative sector across the globe and yet despite this huge potential, Halal tourism remains relatively untapped. It is expected by 2026 that the Halal travel sector’s proportion to the global economy is made up of 35% representing around US$ 300 Billion and 10% of tourists worldwide. While various studies suggest that countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates amongst others are portrayed as the top Halal tourist destinations, no research has been conducted on the potential of Mauritius for Halal tourism. Consequently, this research aims to assess the future of Halal tourism in Mauritius given that the tourism sector is among the five main economic pillars of the country. In particular, this study will assess the awareness level of Halal tourism and the offering of Shariah compliant tourism facilities in Mauritius. This paper adopts the descriptive analytical approach and data is collected from questionnaires distributed to the target population, books, newspapers articles, journal articles and official websites. This study intends to recommend an action plan to the stakeholders concerned with the view of encouraging Halal tourism in Mauritius.

Keywords: Halal tourism in Mauritius, Mauritius and tourism, Shariah tourism, Islamic hotels, Halal package