The Appearance of the Invisible: Migrant Workers during Covid-19

Yashika Manwani AND Aakarsh Mishra
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

This paper examines the impact of the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 scenario on migrant workers in the informal sector of our Indian economy. Through this study, the authors elucidate the condition of these migrant workers and their exodus during the time of a worldwide pandemic as an invisible segment of the society for a long time.

A strict lockdown was imposed nation-wide on March 23, 2020 because of which the entire country came to a halt. Following this, everything was shut down including the transportation services. Many people were stranded, including the migrant population, the most vulnerable, exploited and affected ones being the daily wageworkers and the entire informal sector. The consequences faced by them because of this, will be explored in the paper with a focus on statistical and individual qualitative experiences.

The authors also comment on the impact of the covid-19 and the lockdown to discern the steps that are being taken as a remedy. An in-depth research has been done on the prevailing labour laws, new policies, ILO recommendations and fundamental rights available to these workers and their families. An analysis of how they have been violated or were crooked at points is also alluded to. An analysis has also been done of the condition and manner of tackling the situation in India and the steps taken by the government, concurrently making constructive suggestions at a policy level for the way ahead to end this humanitarian crisis.

Keywords: Covid-19, Lockdown, Exodus, Exploitation, Humanitarian Crisis.


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